CICL is a pioneer in providing surety bonds and insurance guarantees within the travel & tourism industry; working closely with IATA, airlines and Government bodies to ensure risk protection.

We provide Guarantees for:

  • IATA accredited Travel Agents

  • Umrah Bank Guarantees

  • Department of Tourist Services (DTS)

  • Hajj Guarantees for Ministry of Religious Affairs

  • Insurance Guarantees for Low Cost Carriers

CICL’s organizational set up is built to enable:

  • Improved market intelligence – with the right combination of Travel Industry veterans and risk management professionals, CICL is able to remain up to date with local market intelligence, trends and news. Thus enabling prudent decision making to reduce risk of default.

  • Broaden distribution channel – CICL’s solutions assist airlines to increase their distribution capabilities and broaden customer reach, while passing the risk management requirement to CICL.

  • Leveraging travel agent relationships – as a key player in the industry, CICL already maintains commercial tie-ups with travel agents nationwide.  As a trusted partner of travel agents, CICL is well positioned to influence the adoption of commercially viable initiatives.

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